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Logistics Packaging

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

The packaging industry links all industries, logistics packaging mainly uses plain corrugated boxes.

logistics packaging

Logistics packaging is also express box, mainly using corrugated boxes. The corrugated carton has strong compression and shock resistance. The box types are mostly airplane boxes, flat boxes and heaven and earth boxes. As a supplier of corrugated boxes in China, we have received customized sizes of different sizes, and the more complicated processes will print micro-labels, copywriting and graphics, and the colors are mostly natural colors (corrugated paper colors). We once talked to Smith of a Russian logistics company: "How do you choose a suitable box supplier when you choose a packaging company?" Smith replied: "We mainly care about the quality of the box, the supplier's production capacity and the delivery date. These factors can periodically match the packaging characteristics of our different items, and can achieve high-quality packaging in the shortest time."

The origin of logistics
The prototype of the concept of logistics originated from the Second World War, when the efficiency of the American logistics supply determined the outcome of the entire war. The United States requires logistics and supply troops to achieve "high efficiency, low cost, accuracy, and timeliness" efficiency. After World War II, this "efficient system" has attracted worldwide attention.

Box Maker
Courier boxes or shipping boxes are currently the most demanding packaging in all industries. The logistics industry and the packaging industry have a wide range of accommodation, corresponding to all existing industries, such as gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, retail boxes, electronic product packaging boxes, and so on. Packaging is used in any industry that requires logistics, just like the packaging and printing industry.

Our characteristics
Concentration is high: We only go one way, a supplier of paper packaging boxes.
Quality recognition: The common choice of 3267 customers in 40+ countries and 400+ brands in the world, 17 years of supply service experience.
Stable production line: We have our own factory, 24 hours non-stop custom printing, and the daily output can reach 500k pcs.
Family members unite: Our company is located in Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta. Most of the operators are local personnel with more than 5 years of work experience.

Packaging industry's support for logistics
Logistics companies are proud of "speed", followed by the "protection ability" of items. Only a courier company that can respond quickly can stand out from the competition. The printing and packaging industry can solve the "protective ability" of express delivery, but not all suppliers can keep up with the demand cycle of logistics packaging. Usually the delivery time of packaging companies is 15 working days, while the delivery time of logistics packaging is less than 10 days. You would say: "I can purchase and customize in advance?" This is also the idea of most customers, but it ignores the supplier's production efficiency. Therefore, most customers start to order a certain amount of boxes, and if they communicate, the production and quality are no problem, they will return the order. For logistics companies, suitable carton suppliers are more suitable than large-scale carton suppliers.

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