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Custom Printed Product Packaging Boxes

Our Team

We are a "family" team specializing in customized printing of cartons, serving more than 40 countries around the world with efficient services and high-quality quality. Based on the cooperative tenet of "Integrity-based, Quality First, Customer Respect". As of 2020, 3,617,427 brands have been traded customers. The peak value of Nissan is 500k pieces, and the delivery time is 7-10 working days.

Packaging&Printing Team-Factory

Main Industry Packaging

We provide luxury packaging for the electronics industry, beauty industry, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, paper bags, etc. We are good at telling brand stories to fans with brand packaging to increase fan loyalty. Any successful creative packaging can learn from common box types, allowing you to find a suitable packaging solution faster.

Skin Care Industry Packaging

Skin Care Product Packaging

E-cigarette Packaging Box

Electronic Product Packaging

Jewelry Industry Packaging

Jewelry Industry Packaging

Make-up Industry Packaging

Make-up Packaging 

Combination Packaging

Combination Packaging

Retail Industry Packaging

Retail Product Packaging

Paper Bag Custom Print

Packaging&Shipping Bag

Gift Box

Gift Box

Counter Cardboard Display Box

Counter Cardboard Display Box

Quality Assurance Qualification Certificate

The international printing qualification certificate allows customers to place orders with confidence, as a packaging & printing factory for 17 years. BSCI&FSC dual certification, daily output of 500k pieces with a peak value of 7-10 working days, which can fully meet market demand. The factory is located in Shenzhen, Pearl River Delta, China, which is the gathering place of the highest quality in China's packaging industry.

FSC&BSCI Certification

Printing Process Reference 

High-quality packaging boxes depend on paper materials and printing processes. Three inspirations from the successful box type: 1. Brand story promotion packaging. Use packaging boxes to tell consumers their own stories and increase loyalty. 2. Cultural background packaging. Choose a popular packaging style from the cultural background of the consumer group. 3. Suitable cost packaging. Take retail packaging as an example, use text, pictures and micro-labels to introduce the functions or features of the product.

Packaging Printing Process

Paper Material Selection Reference

Two boxes with the same appearance, different paper quality, completely different quality and touch, and different prices. Common paper materials: ivory paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, special paper, art paper, etc. Different paper materials have different printing effects. We will suggest suitable paper choices according to customers' packaging ideas.