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Paper Materials

Common paper materials for customizing packaging

Art Paper

Custom-made packaging boxes with art paper will have rich colors and unique textures, which are suitable for special processing and surface treatment.

Specialty Paperboard

Chemical paper processing of special paper is commonly used for banknotes,filter membranes,insulation paper and carbon fiber-free paper.

Kraft Paper Cardstock

Due to the nature of the materials, the status quo of kraft paper used in envelopes, portfolios, totes, handbags, shopping bags and food packaging is very common.

Duplex Paper

Easy to color, print and smooth on the surface. Mainly used for packaging electronic components, cosmetics, decorations and wine.

Grey Paperboard

100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is mainly used for printing of folders, notebook covers, levers and packaging boxes.


Hard texture and good shock resistance. It is mainly used for the customized of frame backboards, ad boards, luggage and other items.

Ivory Paperboard

Low cost, easy printing, good coloring, and adjustable thickness make the application of ivory paper widely.

High-Density Paperboard

In the printing industry, it is mainly used for transportation packaging, large cargo packaging, and technological item packaging.

Single-Layer Cardboard

There are widely-many uses in thepackaging industry, such as food, gifts, daily necessities, clothing, cosmetics, etc.