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Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

Corrugated Box

Corrugated box is a kind of storage box that is convenient for transportation and storage, and it is ubiquitous in all walks of life. Although people often mistakenly call them cardboard boxes, they are made of corrugated cardboard. The most typical is corrugated paper, which refers to corrugated, corrugated or ridged material, which is corrugated cardboard. It consists of two flat plates, which are sandwiched in layers above and below the corrugated board.

Application Field

Corrugated boxes have the advantages of long life, strength and durability, and are the preferred containers for transportation and storage applications. At the same time, it can be used for packaging and transportation of interior decorations, such as in offices, homes and mail delivery. The corrugated paper process can enhance the strength and aesthetics of these fiberboard containers while maintaining a very low weight.

Benefit from the unique advantages of corrugated boxes, they are used to store and transport many consumer products, as well as packaging from toothpaste and cereals to electronics and soap. Corrugated boxes are usually used for packaging such consumer goods, with a glossy waxy coating on the surface, and the company logo, brand name and graphics are added to the packaging. In addition, packaging boxes for retail clothing stores, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, pizza boxes, and packaging boxes for baked goods and cakes are all made of corrugated paper.

There are many industries that rely on corrugated box packaging, and express delivery companies are the most typical of them. The types of corrugated boxes ordered by courier companies each year have no regular pattern, such as hardware, fruits, clothing, cosmetics, gifts and so on.

Development History

Corrugated boxes have been recognized for 150 years before wood pulp technology was perfect. At that time, production was still manual, so it was expensive and not widely used in various fields. After the technological revolution in the middle of the 19th century, the success of wood pulp production technology announced that the corrugated box became a great success in the packaging industry.

In the mid-1850s, the first corrugated paper was patented in the UK. This is used to make hats. Ten years later, American Albert Jones obtained the first corrugated cardboard patent. The board was developed in the early 1870s and has only one face, which is different from the ubiquitous three-layer corrugated fiberboard used today. This is the first material used for transportation. Based on Jones' design, the inventor Oliver Long developed corrugated fiberboard in 1874. The corrugated fiberboard has two flat surfaces around the central layer of the corrugated fiberboard. In the same year, G. Smyth invented the first industrial corrugator that can mass-produce these materials.

It was not until the late 1800s and early 1900s that the types of corrugated boxes used today and their manufacturing materials were fully developed. The Swedish chemist and inventor Carl Dahl used shredded wood chips in 1884 to make a strong product called kraft paper, which is also resistant to tearing. In the early 20th century manufacturers were producing kraft paper on a regular basis. However, until now, corrugated boxes have not been developed until 1890, a New York printer named Robert Gair (Robert Gair) accidentally discovered a manufacturing method. Gair discovered a process in which the tool used to crease the paper seed bag malfunctioned and then cut the bag.

Initially, corrugated boxes were mainly used for packaging fragile items, such as ceramics and glass products. But with people's recognition, more and more products (such as fruits and grains) have begun to be transported in corrugated cardboard boxes. By the 1990s, in the United States alone, manufacturers had produced 25 million tons of corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated paper was once an expensive and rarely used material, but now it is popular because of its low price, strength and durability.

How is the corrugated box made?

At the end of the 19th century, the production machinery for corrugated boxes was not as advanced as today, and most of kraft paper and corrugated paper were produced separately. Just like two different industrial fields, kraft paper needs raw materials: recycled paper, sawdust and wood chips; corrugated paper needs raw materials: pine (the most common) bark, pine wood.

What is interesting is that the corrugated paper production factory at that time still had thousands of acres of pine forest, so as to ensure that the raw material resources of the corrugated box would not be short. Moreover, the production machinery at that time was a giant corrugated board production machinery, the largest being 300 feet long. The hard work of the ancestors has brought the packaging industry to the present situation. It is really "the first people planted trees, the later generations took advantage of the cool".

2020 Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Nowadays, corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes are generally produced and packaged in the same factory. Advanced technology, mechanical configuration has also improved production efficiency and sustainable environmental development. Similarly, kraft paper and kraft paper packaging boxes are also integrated. While improving the quality, the corrugated packaging box also improves the aesthetics, brand promotion efficiency and other multiple attributes.

A wide range of corrugated boxes: airplane boxes, transport boxes, express boxes, window boxes, plug-in boxes, shoe boxes, kraft boxes, etc. In 2020, the packaging of corrugated boxes can already be customized according to the characteristics of the product or the needs of the brand promotion market.

Our achievements in corrugated boxes in 2020

Provided corrugated packaging boxes for gifts, electronic products, jewelry, soap, sports shoes and clothing to 31 states in the United States (a total of 50 states), a total of about 1,264,000 pcs. Provided 27 cities in the United Kingdom (69 cities in total) Magnetic corrugated boxes, holographic corrugated boxes, folding corrugated boxes, etc. total about 846,000pcs. Australia, Canada, Spain, Russia and other regions account for 67% of the total supply. The new coronavirus has affected many industries and caused many neighbors to suffer. We are the same, but we believe that our greatest success will be our "friend" through the most difficult 2020.