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2021 Top 10 Creativity Apparel Packaging Solutions For Clothing Box

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

The packaging in the apparel industry is pursuing to increase sales or increase brand influence. Mainly due to seasonal and regional differences, the packaging design will also lead the way. The final price of packaging box printing depends on the size, material, craftsmanship and MOQ.

Order classification of clothing packaging boxes: underwear packaging boxes, shoe packaging boxes, scarf packaging boxes, belt packaging boxes, wallet packaging boxes, etc. The packaging of each product has a completely different packaging purpose.

Underwear packaging box
The styles of underwear packaging boxes are divided into men's underwear packaging boxes and women's underwear packaging boxes. The men's box is fully enclosed and printed with patterns, words and trademarks. The women's underwear packaging box adopts translucent packaging, allowing consumers to see the style and material of underwear for the first time. Good packaging for women’s underwear allows customers to think of themselves trying on clothes for the first time.


Shoe packing box
The shoe packaging box is mainly for sports shoes and leather shoes. Sports shoe packaging pursues brand promotion, and each series of sports shoe packaging boxes must match the characteristics and advantages of the product. The packaging pursuit of leather shoes is high-end taste. There must be a clear difference between the packaging of 100-dollar shoes and 200-dollar shoes, and the level is clearly the basic standard.

Belt and wallet packaging box
If a product is purchased for the purpose of a gift, then its packaging must be exquisite. The color, box type, special craftsmanship and inner packaging of the packaging box must be unique, so that it is convenient for consumers to watch, apply and give gifts. Recommended box types: drawer box, magnet box and rigid cardboard box.

Other specific clothing packaging, such as sportswear, work clothes, pajamas, etc., can also be packaged in a simple transparent plastic box or tape. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons also use different materials for packaging, because the touch and color of the boxes printed on different materials are also different. We will choose the most suitable clothing packaging solution for you, so that you will return with satisfaction.