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Which box types are the favorites of manufacturers?

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

The printing box type comes from people's creativity, and the choice of manufacturers is somewhat limited in combination with cost factors. Let's check which box types are popular.
Pillow box

Pillow Paper Box

Pillow boxes are divided into: super small, small, medium and large. Printing materials: cardboard, rigid paper, kraft paper. Most of our manufacturers who choose pillow boxes to pack are retail and gifts. The pillow box itself is OEM or ODM of high quality and low price, and the additional logo, pictures and text can stand out from the competition.
Gable box


Gable Box With Logo

The gable box can be said to be the representative of the packing box. KFC, most of McDonald's packaging boxes are gable boxes. McDonald's found that a box with a logo can not only increase sales, but also increase brand influence after a few years of starting a business. This is also an indispensable factor that has established their position in the fast food industry.
Drawer box

Jewelry Drawer Box

The birth of the drawer box stems from people's creative thinking. The drawer box can perfectly package the messages that people want to convey: surprises, love, blessings, etc. The packaging of jewelry, cosmetics and gifts is very suitable for the positioning and origin of the drawer box.
Two pieces box

2 Pieces Gift Box

Two pieces box is a bit similar to China's world box, the originality comes from the same drawer box. But it has a wider range of applications, and two pieces box is also a good choice for packaging electronic products and clothing. Material and size are determined according to the manufacturer's products, we use four-color or spot printing.
Other common box types include: hexagon box, dispenser box, bottom box, bookend box, etc. Learn more about box styles.