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How to decide per price of paper box for a packaging printing manufacturer?

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

What type of packaging boxes are the most favourite for customers? According to the statistics, 73% had the same opinion, "Creative, recyclable, easy to use and reuse". 21% said,"Standard quality, cheap and fast delivery". The rest has no idea, maybe they don't care or not clear enough. Yes, that's all what people want to packaging.

Let me introduce some main details about paper boxes for packaging solution. 

Firstly, do you know how to decide the per price for a manufacturer? After you quoting some, you will find that salers always asked you the size, materials, MOQ and process craft.

In fact, different manufacturers send different quotes because of machinery maintenance fees and business. In the off-season, the printing machinery maintenance fees is lower, so MOQ is lower too. Packaging manufacturer shall provide a lower cost of packaging materials, printing process becomes more possibly. Per price goes down. In the hot season, MOQ increases from 500pcs to 1000 pcs. Packaging suppliers more like to give you a materials list, you would select suitable one for youself. Printing machinery maintenance fees grows. Then per price is cheaper. Common sense, real printing factory can custom print full size and box types packaging boxes.

Why are you still being asked about the packaging size and box type

Most people realize that different size and type depends on different amount of consumables. But less people know different materials produce different quality boxes.

Suck as, only two boxes with different sizes: 8x8x10cm box and 12x12x20 cm box. The former is better in quality and more durable than the latter. That's because the pressure resistance is different, and the small box is more stable. If only two boxes with different materials, the more expensive is better than the cheaper. In addition, printing craft also decide the per price. Complicated and sophisticated printing process requires more printing machinery and higher prices.