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Packaging will not lie.

Published by Jaker Chen April 09,2022

Many manufacturers in the market will consider many factors when choosing a packaging company: quality, cost, delivery time, adhesion and so on. How can you improve your brand benefits through packaging? This is what we have been thinking and summarizing, our point of view: packaging will not lie.

1. The story of the packaging brand itself
We know that not every manufacturer's brand has its own brand story. If you have one, it is a good start. Matching packaging shapes, unique graphics choices, and representative copywriting annotations, these factors can make your brand sublimate. Three squirrels, a retail nut manufacturer. With the packaging of the brand story, the market is perfectly opened.

2. Brand packaging infused with soul
In many cases, we cannot define that packaging is just the packaging of the outer box, and the deep-level image packaging is also considered. LOL, which is popular all over the world, continuously enhances the brand's influence by injecting soul into the packaging. This is the cleverness of leading companies. There will be a series of background stories for the online or redo of each game character to shape the authenticity and closeness of the hero and increase the player's sense of substitution. As a result, the sales of LOL hero toys can quickly be recognized by players in the unit of 100 million worldwide.

3. Non-own brand packaging
For entrepreneurs or manufacturers who are preparing to increase sales and brands through packaging for the first time, it is very difficult to obtain customized packaging boxes in the current market. As for the reason, Smith has already explained, click here for details. Method 1: We realize your packaging ideas. Method 2: We provide many suggestions based on 17 years of experience. You can also refer to the above ideas to build your own brand.