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The retail carton field is divided into clothing box customization, electronic product box manufacturing, snack packaging box manufacturing, daily necessities box manufacturing, and decorative design manufacturing. Shopping mall retail box customization best reflects the quality and design of the printing company. Goods that are not paid by the masses are not good boxes.

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Countless Boxes,Unique Design.Cost Depends on Quality,Creativity Packs Life.
Product Details

Retail Packaging 


The retail box is the best customized box for a printing company, the packaging and sales are closely linked. As cultural trends and fashion trends merged online, many different aesthetic standards were born. As a paper packaging company, we will understand the customer's quality standards and design style requirements before providing customers with production solutions, so that the retail box packaging can promote product sales.


The vast majority of retail boxes are branded products, with high requirements on materials, printing processes and coloring. For food type packaging, the relevant certifications required are difficult to pass, which itself means that it requires standards for suppliers. In the clothing category, the design style should be avant-garde and the quality experience should be high. The packaging of daily necessities values ​​quality, safety and environmental protection. The packaging of decorations, quality requirements second, the first is the design of the box type can highlight the characteristics of the product or meet the product theme?


Our company was established in 2003 and currently only focuses on the customized production of cartons. We believe that only more focus can provide customers with more suitable design and production solutions. Our cooperation philosophy "honesty-based, quality first, customer first" has never changed in 17 years. You are welcome to inquire about the paper production line, corrugated board production line and printing into boxes.

Production Detail


           Product Name          Retail Case
Material Paperboard
Color Customised
Printing Craft        UV offset printing,hot stamping,special effects printing         
Shape Kinds shape and also customised
Shipment By sea or air
Design Customised
Used Pack the gift,the food,the cosmetic and so on
Thickness 0.2mm to 0.6mm
Printing Colors and Pattern are customised

Common Cardboard And Processing Technology


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