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Customize all sizes of commemorative gift boxes, we do our best to pack our customers' good memories, the shelf life is forever. You are welcome to inquire about anything about the box, our experts will give you what you want. Oh yes, we are not robots!

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Countless Boxes,Unique Design.Cost Depends on Quality,Creativity Packs Life.
Product Details

Keepsake Wrap Box


On a commemorative day, a commemorative gift for relatives, friends, lovers, colleagues, and a unique packaging box will be more concerned. If you forget a special day in your life, it's too bad. However, give her or him a little surprise and attention, he or she will love it.

We can give the child a small gift as a souvenir when he just walks. We can also send gifts to our wives on our wedding anniversary, the love will deepen. We can put a small gift on the desk when our colleagues complete the order for the first time, the team's ability has also improved.

Gifts have too much charm, enhance feelings, reach wishes, get forgiveness, show politeness, etc. Gradually, people began to worry about the choice of packaging for gifts, because there is no properly suitable packaging appearance, and the story will not progress smoothly if the first impression is not good.

We are the only supplier specializing in paper packaging in China. We love packaging for people's happy life and inspire to make our own contribution to the good of society. We are not the most powerful manufacturer, but we must be the most authoritative supplier of paper packaging. "Quality first, integrity-based, customer-oriented", this is our attitude and purpose of cooperation, has not changed since 2003.

Keepsake Packaging Box


           Product Name          Keepsake case
Material Paperboard
Color Customised
Printing Craft        UV offset printing,hot stamping,special effects printing         
Shape Kinds shape and also customised
Shipment By sea or air
Design Customised
Used Pack Gift,Cosmetic or Living
Thickness 0.2mm to 0.6mm
Printing Colors and Pattern are customised

Common Cardboard And Processing Technology


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Keepsake Packaging Boxes

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